About the i24ABC

The aim of this project is to establish an international registry to derive reference standards for 24 hour ambulatory central blood pressure and pulsatile hemodynamics by pooling (deidentified) data from existing 24 hour ambulatory central blood pressure databases around the world – all eligible centres will be those using the  validated monitor Mobilo-O-Graph (IEM) device.

Through information on 24 hour ambulatory central (and brachial) blood pressure values, basic demographics, and basic clinical characteristics we will be able to generate information on reference values and diurnal profiles in healthy and diseased individuals. In a second step, we will also collect longitudinal data in order to establish the predictive value of 24 hour pulsatile hemodynamics.

Participants are asked to contribute 24 hour Mobil-O-Graph blood pressure data plus individual demographic and clinical characteristics.

Ethics committee approval for the international registry has been already achieved (Tasmanian Health and Medical Human Research Ethics Committee).

The goals and design of the i24ABC